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EpointSystem mobile-phone client

Works on most (all ?) JAVA capable phones (eg. Motorola W388 JAVA+camera phone is available for 30 EUR in 2009-10). It's a cheap off-the-shelf mobile EpointSystemWebBalance application for everyone who already uses mobile internet.

However, if someone does not otherwise use mobile internet (eg. he always uses broadband at home and in the office, and happy to be away from internet otherwise), than (even if the phone itself is very cheap) it might be pricey to subscribe to mobile internet just for a wallet application. She is more likely to use EpointSystemWebBalance instead.

Price examples:

  • Vodaphone prepaid card GPRS access: 1600 HUF / 30 day (max 100 MByte). Most Hungarian persons will not pay 6 EUR /month = 72 EUR / year (as a comparison, bank-cards cost 6-55 EUR/year). Prices will likely go down in future
  • with normal subscription (2 year commitment !) it's only 800 HUF / month, on top of 2600 HUF / month (which can be spent on calls)
  • with a higher price subscription, on top of 4700 HUF / month, mobile-web is only +400 HUF /month (=1.5 EUR) that is very affordable (~appr. the price of 2 domestic bank-transfers).
    • we will test the mobile-wallet app and camera with an existing subscription, with a Motorola W388 phone


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