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With ASUS 520gu (or other openwrt compliant router) you can become an internet provider without operating an expensive server. The 40 EUR router is all that is needed (ROI = 3..12 months is possible and customers will also be happy).

  • ASUS 520gu ("u" means USB)
  • TP Link WR1043ND  is more powerful than ASUS (CPU + flash, but wifi also, with 3 antennas)
    • downloaded from Linus tree and then a list of patches is applied. target/linux/ar71xx/ See config* and patches*
    • https://www.epointsystem.org/trac/vending_machine/wiki/BuildingImage

Install documentation: https://www.epointsystem.org/trac/vending_machine/wiki/HotSpot

Images: http://www.epointsystem.org/openwrt/   See EpointSystemOpenWrtDevelopment


Also used to pay as "internet cafe" terminals. Payment is done with - guess ! - EpointSystem technology (the best technology for micropayment - and likely for any payment soon now).

Operation modes:

1. Each entered rand gets exchanged for a new one. New rands are collected inside the router.

  • For a personally operated single HotSpot with no revenue sharing and no accountability issues, this mode is much simpler
  • See "The collected RANDS menu"

2. Each entered rand is added to an externally visible account (i.e. buying obligations for the same beneficiary)

  • That is for a special mode of operation, when all funds need to be collected in a publicly visible and auditable manner.
  • In the admin webpage, epoint menu:  "Set benificiary key fingerprint:". This is not the issuer fingerprint, but the Obligation beneficiary (The obligation's ID is the fingerprint of the public key that can redeem said obligation).
  • So generate an RSA keypair (that can be used later to redeem), and paste the fingerprint in the "Set benificiary key fingerprint: " field
  • IFF you really want to use this mode (which is unlikely)


Usage via WiFi example:
img src="http://www.ideje.hu/download/epointsystem/epoint_eloadas/cc/epoint_example.png" ALT="Use via WiFi example"


 Other notes:

  • /etc/macaddr.list
    • if replacing a router (it's broken or suspicious in some way) copy this file over. Lease expire times, and also has the permanently whitelisted mac addresses
  •  /etc/epoint.issuers
    • list of servers to which access is not blocked even for otherwise blocked users.
  • /etc/issuer.pk
    • the public key of the issuer, the other is the

Other uses of this nice wifi linux box:

  • data acquisition (scientific data: gasifiers, solar or other energy applications)
  • storage (transaction log, other data)
    • note that some PATA HD-racks turn off the HDD when the (USB) mass storage device is umount-ed. Useful for powersaving and longer life
  • full-fledged issuer: not recommended (not suitable for JAVA).
  • Usb-serial converter tested (prolific pl2303 ): packages need to install : kmod-usb-serial-pl2303, kmod-usb2 and we installed but may not needed :kmod-usb-ohci




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