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is there a way for people to sign digitally with a key that is authorized to belong to a person who can only make 1 such key ?

If yes (for a country), than you can easily create a non-fraudulent money supply with epointsystem.org (with the minor new developments to allow multiple currency). Groups (individuals and businesses) can create their own currency, and use small amount of "connectivity money" that only living persons can create

mcel gedu: people badly need such a system to create a nonfraudulent digital money supply. If the system is dead, it just needs to be revived. We can tell members to go to state office to grab their authorization.
mcel If the system does not exists, they must organize that (harder)


Countries (alphabetical order)

Other countries:

TekniQue South Korea had a nationwide encryption standard
TekniQue before SSL/https was standardised

Canada ?

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