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Important discussion (irc). creativx is from Norway



Norwegian govt has failed miserably at issuing nation wide digital certificates. so now we have 2 providers with digital signing capabilites. And a third goverment solution on the way

mcel : is there a way for people to sign digitally with a key that is authorized to belong to a person who can only make 1 such key ?
creativx mcel: yes

We have 2 providers,

  • one is a joint venture between banks, which is a server stored certificate and based on OTP dongles
  • the other is the norwegian lotto association which is smart card based + usb readers
     both these are level4 meaning they are considered equal to a hand written signature
  • soon government makes a 3d
    creativx so then i have to use my bank issued OTP to log into my online bank
    creativx and my govt issued smart card or similar thing to log into all my govt portals
    creativx and somewhere in between the usability went away :)
    creativx we are working on building a service for our customers to allow anyone to bid on real estate via a web page, using their bank issued signature

    creativx BBS (norwegian collation of banks, technical dept) is reported to have spent over 1000 million NOK on developing the first version of their "bankid"
    gedu only gripe I have about that is that every bank has it's own authentication scheme
    creativx with bankid each bank is a CA and is responsible for routing auth requests to the other CA's
    gedu but every bank has made it possible to quite easily to integrate their authentication service into other services
  • Do you have many other services using the bank issued certs?
     i mean other than just login to online bank for digital signing purposes and identification

    Goverment services such as tax office accept identification through bank services

creativx we are starting to see more and more of it here too
creativx they had to make it possible for multiple signatures
creativx and async signing
creativx so now you can change insurance providers fairly easily
creativx or apply for loans

creativx and theres even an escrow-like service when you sell your car
creativx to get a digitally signed conract and safe transfer of the money and ownership
creativx but still i have to resort to some one time codes printed on paper if i want to change my taxes :)

creativx yeah mller bilfinans has a nice site
creativx tryggbilhandel.no

if one has  4 bank accounts (different banks), when he tries to authenticate with more than 1, can I know that they belong to same person ?

  • yes the digital certificate also doubles as identification.
  • it has the social security number, which is each citizens primary key
  • so you can do both ID verification + signing
  • of course both services are priced different
    since the social security number is considered very private you need a reason to get that into your apps
    well its not a big deal, you just gotta give them a reason why you need it, and request it explicitly 

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