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EpointSystem can be used to track shares (like any tokens).

Digital shares provide most of the benefits of the shares acknowledged by the fascist-states (like USA, EU member states and others), but are much cheaper, faster and provide other advantages (lower taxes).

Digital Shares are certificate of value, created by contract. What gives them value ? That they can be used for 2 important applications:

  • voting: the management MUST obey the voting result
    • unlike the naive model most people have in their mind: most of the profit of real companies nowadays is tunneled by higher-price purchase and lower price sales (to benefiting parties, often foreign, even tax-heaven), according to the dominant shareholders (often much less than 50% of shares, maybe 10..30%) via the board.
  • dividends:
    • in real world, because of the high tax towards the fascist-states this is kept at low volume, and the "voting" is misused (see above: most of the profit lands at the dominant shareholders)
    • with advanced cryptography this can be utilized resulting in a fair among shareholders

(for now) the voting and dividends can be technically similar.

For each voting, a finite-life issuer can be fired up with advertised MD of each choice (and the time of closure). The owners can "pay" to each choices. The voting result can be followed. Frozen at the time of closing. Unfortunately the primitive "vote on 1 out of N" only works with good (~mutually exclusive) voting choices/options (that's why it does not work in politics, where the Condorcet crirerion would be essential to meet).

Dividends: every time the amount advertised (eg. 2000 EUR) accumulates to be divided, an issuer is fired up and filled according to the shares-issuer data. For each epoint the usernote can have dividendMD=...<MD>.... to mark the account where he wants the dividends. After this (in a finite interval, say 1 month) the dividend can be spent or redeemed.


Proposals ?

  • How can it be made simpler ?
  • How could it be better ? (especially the voting, to meet Condorcet) ?
  • other usage ?

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